Consignment Agreement

Consignment Agreement

Let's Consign - Consignment Contract - Consignor #_______

Express Consignment Drop Off Hours – 7 Days a Week 12pm - 6pm No Appointments Needed. We quickly glance through your items to advise which items we will accept and which ones you can take home with you or donate. To avoid hauling in very heavy or large items we may reject please text us photos for preliminary approval. Only bring us your best items as we limit consignors to a maximum of 30 items for sale at any given time. All items must be owned by you, and from pet and smoke free homes. Arguing w/ staff to accept items we said we can not will result in no longer consigning with us.

Free Furniture Pick Up – We offer free furniture pick up within 20 miles of our store for items that are pre-approved by texting us photos. Final approval of items is done upon actual inspection and we reserve the right to decline any piece not meeting our standards.

Your Choice - At drop off or home pick up you must choose Consignment 50/50 split or 25% of Inventory Value for Next Day Cash for All. This choice can NEVER be changed for these items. Future drop offs and Home Pickups can be a different choice. By choosing next day cash we now own your items and you can not reclaim.

Fees: A $5.00 fee is charged when requesting payment by check. No Fee for picking up CASH.

Pricing & Payment - We price items based on current condition, age, brand, market demand and price competitively. Most items are priced between 30% to 60% of original retail value. Our delivery drivers and drop off staff do not price on the spot. You will receive an email with all pricing within 24 hours of dropping off or home pick up. 50/50 split paid in CASH or available as store credit when presenting photo ID immediately following the sale of each piece. You must claim proceeds within 2 years of item sold dates.

Consignment Period & Markdowns - All items priced below $30 are consigned for 60 days. All items priced above $30 are consigned for a minimum of 60 days and maximum of 90 days. Everything not sold after 30 days is marked down 20% and if still not sold after 60 days is marked down 50% off our original price.

Buyer Policies - We offer all buyers a strict 24 hour return policy on website sales. If a buyer returns an item we issue a full refund and do NOT touch the money you have been paid. This returned merchandise is now store property as you have already been paid. We add a handling fee of .99 cents or more to the price tag of each item sold, which is paid for 100% by the buyer and is not reflected on your inventory list. Buyer fees range from .99 to 9.99 on clothing, shoes , handbags and home décor, 9.99 to 59.99 for furniture based on the size of the piece.

Check Your Account - We provide 24/7 online access to view your sales, your payouts and your account balances. Simply click consignor login tab and enter your email address and enter your email address again as the password. You can then create a new password. If you forget simply click forgot consignor password and a new one will be emailed instantly. We however can not take time away from selling your items, assisting shoppers and inputting new inventory to answer phones calls requesting us to login to your account and read the balance to you.

Reclaiming Items - All unsold Items under $30 are store property to be liquidated or donated after contract expires. You may choose to reclaim any unsold consigned merchandise originally priced over $30 an item between day 60 and day 90 day of your contract at no cost. If you choose to reclaim these items during the first 60 days a fee of 25% of the full asking price will be charged. We will provide you with a printed list to find and retrieve your items on YOUR own. Your items will be merchandised and spread throughout the store and can be challenging to find quickly.

Unsold Items & Insurance – At the end of the “consignment period” any unsold or unclaimed item become property of Let's Consign to liquidate and mark down further. You will receive no phone or written reminders of these dates. You only receive payment on items sold during their 60 or 90 day contract periods. Although we do everything possible we cannot be held responsible for articles that are missing, stolen or damaged by either customers or handling. All items are owned by you and must be covered by your insurance until sold or reclaimed.

My Choice: Consignment 50/50 Split _______ or 25% Next Day Cash for All________

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