How do I consign?

We accept walk in drop offs between 12 and 6pm daily. Just bring us your best home decor and small furniture pieces and we will quickly let you know which ones we can sell and those we will pass on. For large furniture simply text us pictures and descriptions to 401-438-1081 and we will let you know which ones we can most likely take. Furniture acceptance is dependent on actual inspection.

Why are some things accepted and other not?

We all would love cash for things we don't want, wear or use. We know you don't want to hear that your belongings are not going to be accepted or to have the hassle of finding another consignment shop or donation store to bring everything to. However the harsh reality is space is always limited, our buyers demand the very best brands and condition. We limit every consignor to a maximum of 30 active items for sale at all times so the packed uhaul with the yard sale leftovers is definitely for your local thrift shop not us.

With the many thousands of furniture, decor and fashions brands sold we can not provide lists of those we take and do not take, but understand we are experts at knowing what will sell and what you may be better off donating.

How much does home pick up of my items cost?

We offer FREE IN HOME PICK UP within 20 miles of our stores for items pre-approved by sending us text photos. Driver may refuse items based on actual inspection if they don't meet our standards. All furniture pricing includes a buyer fee of $9.99 to $59.99 per piece depending on the size which is paid for 100% by the buyer.

If I don't want to text photos of my furniture can someone come to my house?

Yes. We offer convenient home appointments for $25 within 10 miles and $35 within 20 miles where we can go through you home and let you know which pieces we can sell along with the prices we would set for each. This is a pricing appointment only, delivery fees would be added if you want items picked up at that time.

Can I just show up with things I would like to sell anytime?

For furniture and large items, No. We need to see photos ahead of time to determine if we may be interested and to see if we have the space available. Between 12 and 6pm for everything else YES. No appointment needed. 30 active item maximum per account. We will sign a contract and quickly let you know which items we can not consign so you can take those home with you. You will receive an email with prices within 1-2 days.

Can I choose next day CASH or do I have to consign?

Every time you drop off or have items picked up at your home you can choose the method you prefer. If choosing next day CASH you will receive 25% of the total value of your inventory list. Your items are now property of Let's Consign and may not be retrieved. When choosing consignment, you will receive 50% of the final selling price for all items sold during their contracts. Items sold after the contract expires are not eligible for payment. Unsold items priced over $30 under consignment contracts are available to be picked up anytime between days 60 and 90 of the contract.

Who set prices?

We are experts in resale pricing and specifically research similar items on ebay, google and manufacturers websites to determine realistic prices that will sell your items in a timely manner. We price everything between 30 to 60% of original retail value based on condition. We are your partners and want the same thing.. to get things SOLD.

When do I get paid?

You can collect cash anytime you are in the store and there is money in your account. Consignors have online access to view their inventory and money is made available immediately as items sell. Just show your picture id and we can cash you out. No waiting for monthly checks like other consignment shops. If you prefer to be paid by check, $5.00 fee applies and we must wait til the end of your contract so we can cut one check for all items vs mailing several checks. You must pick up your cash within 2 years of the item sold date.

Do you negotiate prices?

No. Our agreed upon prices are not negotiable. Your items will be marked at a price that is fair to both you and the buyer. All prices are automatically marked down 20% after 30 days and and a total of 50% if not sold after 60 days.

What condition should things be in?

We accept furniture pieces, home décor, designer clothing and accessories that have been gently used. On a scale of 1 -10 we are looking for pieces that are a 7 or better. Furniture, decor, clothing and accessories must be "show room ready" at time of acceptance. This is not “thrift” shopping. Let's Consign is the crème de la crème of designer furniture, decor and fashion accessories.

Why should I consign?

Money! Our consignors make tons of it!!! We are the best in our industry, we price items correctly to sell and take great pride in showcasing your items online and in our beautiful store to be seen by hundreds of people every day. This is the ultimate no brainer, drop off or have us pick up things you no longer need or use and get paid as quickly as the next day!

Can I reclaiming items under contract?. You may choose to reclaim any unsold merchandise originally priced over $30 an item between day 60 and day 90 day of your contract at no cost. If you choose to reclaim these items during the first 60 days a fee of 25% of the full asking price will be charged. We will provide you with a printed list to find and retrieve your items on YOUR own. Your items will be merchandised and spread throughout the store and can be challenging to find quickly. All items under $30 are not available to be reclaimed and will be liquidated or donated after your contract ends.

How often do you get new items?

By allowing consignors to drop off and run without the hassle of making an appointment we get dozens of new consignors daily bringing lots of amazing quality items. Great pieces sell fast! Shopping in our store is an inviting, fun and adventurous experience for those who love the thrill of finding that special item and paying substantially less for it.

Are the prices negotiable?

No. Due to our consignor contracts that do not allow any negotiations and our automatic 30 day price drops, prices are never changed. Items remaining unsold after 30 days drop by 20% and after 60 days if still not sold will drop again to 50% off. We allow our consignors to remain anonymous and will never contact a consignor with an "offer". You must pay the price on the tag or take your chances and wait for an upcoming price drop.

Are all the items in your store online?

No. Nothing consigned under $30 is placed online as these items are coming in by the hundreds and going out of the store so fast often. We only place items priced $30 and above online. If an item is posted online, it is for sale. Items are all sold by barcode at the cash register and instantly removed from the website.

Can I purchase online?

Yes. We do not offer shipping, all items sold are available for in store pickup and local delivery only. In store pickup must be within 3 days of online purchase or a $15 per day per item storage fee will be charged. If choosing local delivery you must call and schedule delivery for all items to be delivered within 3 days. All items may be returned within 24 hours of visual inspection of items for a full refund Under no circumstances will delivery charges be refunded.

Can I place an item on "Hold" or "Lay-A-Way"?

No. We do not offer holds or Lay-A-Way. We do not own any of the merchandise and we can not ever take an item off the sales floor without receiving complete payment at its full contract price.

How long can I leave items I paid for in the store before picking them up?

You have 3 days including the day of purchase maximum to pick up all items. A $15 per day storage fee per item will be charged if you don't pick up. Failure to do so forces people waiting to consign items to wait longer until space opens up and costs both us and other consignors valuable time and money.

Will your staff help me load any purchased items into our car or truck?

NO. Sales staff are strictly prohibited per insurance rules from leaving the store to ever assist loading or unloading a customers vehicle. You must bring your own strong help, an appropriate size vehicle and all necessary ropes, tie downs and padding for safe transport when not using home delivery.

Do you deliver?

Yes. Delivery costs $50 within 20 miles for the first item and $20 per additional item.

What is your return policy?

All items sold in store are final sale items. We offer a 24 hour return policy on all website purchases. Once that period is over all sales are final. Delivery fees are never refunded. It is your responsibility to inspect all wear and tear and functionality of each piece prior to payment to insure your expectations are met. You are always welcome to consign any items with us if you change your mind after the 24 hour period expires.