Compliments & Complaints

Compliments & Complaints

Compliments: Love our stores? Loves making tons of money selling at our stores? Tell the world what you think! share the love on Facebook Easton, Facebook East Providence or Facebook Pawtucket. Want to recognize a specific staff member or store manager for doing an exceptional job contact owner Dwayne Williams by phone or text 401-365-9125.

Complaints: Need to vent about an unsatisfactory experience. This is critical to our growth, our long term success and goal to be the very best consignment shop to know exactly what we need to improve and correct going forward. We of course would like to address your problem as quickly as possible. You are welcome to post online Facebook Easton, Facebook East Providence or Facebook Pawtucket or to contact owner Dwayne Williams by phone or text 401-365-9125.

While our goal is 100% satisfaction 4 complaints come up almost daily and we unfortunately realize we will never meet some people expectations and we understand we are not the choice for everyone.

#1 Complaint: Sales staff will not help me load or unload furniture into my vehicle.

Policy: Sales staff are not paid movers. They are covered under workman's comp insurance for selling furniture, not lifting or carrying furniture. Insurance regulations strictly prohibit sales staff from leaving the premises and certainly from possibly damaging a customers vehicle or personal property. Moving staff however are covered under workman's comp insurance for lifting and carrying furniture. However insurance requires they only load and transport furniture into company vehicles, using proper moving blankets, tie downs to not damage your property.

Reality: We can make everyone happy who can afford to pay our moving staff to pick up your furniture in your home or to deliver your purchases to your home. However if you can not afford our pick up or delivery services, 100% of the responsibility to get your purchases or drop offs in and out of your vehicle is on you as explained in our contracts, brochures, website and when you purchase items on the sold agreement you sign.

#2 Complaint: I wasted my time bringing in furniture, decor or designer items that they wouldn't consign.

Policy: Only large furniture pieces need to have photos sent in by text before dropping off. Even those items that look good in a text photo may be rejected due to stains, damage, smells or other reasons not known in a photo.

Reality: We all would love cash for things we don't want, wear or use. We know you don't want to hear that your belongings are not going to be accepted or to have the hassle of finding another consignment shop or donation store to bring everything to. However the harsh reality is space is always limited, our buyers demand the very best brands and condition. We limit every consignor to a maximum of 30 active items for sale at all times so the packed uhaul with the yard sale leftovers is definitely for your local thrift shop not us.

With the many thousands of furniture, decor and fashions brands sold we can not provide lists of those we take and do not take, but understand we are experts at knowing what will sell and what you may be better off donating.

# 3 Complaint: I don't want to log into my online account. I want to call the store daily or every other day and ask if my items have sold.

Policy: We provide 24/7 online access to view your sales, your payouts and your account balances. Simply click consignor login tab and enter your email address and enter your email address again as the password. You can then create a new password. If you forget simply click forgot consignor password and a new one will be emailed instantly.

Reality: We have 1000's of consignors between our 3 locations and average 40 -60 phone calls per day and even over 100 calls a day on weekends. We can not take time away from selling your items, assisting shoppers and inputting new inventory to answer phones calls requesting us to login to your account and read the balance to you.

# 4 Complaint: I arrived before 12 or after 6 and staff wouldn't take my consignments.

Policy: We ONLY accept consignments between 12 and 6pm, 7 days a week when we have adequate staff to go through your items. We need the 2 hours at the end of the night and 2 hours before drop offs begin to research pricing, enter your items into the computer, photo and post items online and merchandise items on the sales floor.

Reality: To give great service to ALL of our consignors, we need to stick to our drop off hours that are posted online, in store and on all marketing materials. This allows us to insure items dropped off make it onto the sales floor promptly, not in the 5-14 days other shops quote that don't restrict drop offs.

#5 Complaint: My 24 hour return policy is up, but I still want a full refund.

Policy: There are NO exceptions. In store sold items are all sales final. Everything is sold second hand and may have defects or damage. You have the opportunity to fully inspect, try on and test everything in store or when delivered if purchased online.

Reality: Nationwide the consignment industry standard is ALL SALES FINAL. We are allowing 24 hour returns on items sold online so you may have the same opportunity to test and inspect that in store shoppers have. You can always consign the items and recoup some of the money.