Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Are all the items in your store online?

No. Nothing consigned under $30 is placed online as these items are coming in by the hundreds and sell very quickly to the hundreds of shoppers visiting our stores daily. We only place items priced $30 and above online. If an item is posted online, it is for sale. Items sold by bar-code at the cash register are instantly removed from the website.

Will you ship my purchases?

Yes. We offer shipping on all clothing, shoes and handbags for $3.50 per item or free in store pick up within 3 days. Furniture and Home Decor all items sold are available for free in store pickup or local delivery within 20 miles of our stores only at either the $20, $50 or $70 per item rate posted for that item. In store pickup must be within 3 days of online purchase or a $15 per day per item storage fee will be charged. All items may be returned within 24 hours of visual inspection of items for a full refund. Under no circumstances will delivery charges be refunded.

How long can I leave items I paid for in the store before picking them up?

You have 3 days including the day of purchase maximum to pick up all items. A $15 per day storage fee per item will be charged if you don't pick up. Failure to do so forces people waiting to consign items to wait longer until space opens up and costs both us and other consignors valuable time and money.

Will your staff help me load any purchased items into our car or truck?

NO. Sales staff are strictly prohibited per insurance rules from leaving the store to ever assist loading or unloading a customers vehicle. You must bring your own strong help, an appropriate size vehicle and all necessary ropes, tie downs and padding for safe transport when not using home delivery.

What is your return policy?

All items priced below $30 are final sale items. We offer a 24 hour return policy on all website purchases and all items priced over $30 each. Once that period is over all sales are final. Delivery fees are never refunded. It is your responsibility to inspect all wear and tear and functionality of each piece prior to payment to insure your expectations are met. You are always welcome to consign any items with us if you change your mind after the 24 hour period expires.